Vedic Astrology Articles I

A person having faith in Astrology consults an Astrologer. The native is a Leo ascendant born, Venus in 10th ruling
his own house. Venus mahadasha is on. Venus lord of 10th, in his own house, this will shape a good profession, to
give several profits. The astrologer predicted this native will have a glorious and prosperous life. The native was
very happy with the reading and took leave of the Astrologer. Two years passed not a single good result was
experienced. The native again approached the same Astrologer. The astrologer said any dasha in its own bhukti does
not give good results. One can only expect good results in few other bhuktis, which too were over, but only
unfavorable results increased and landed him in a miserable position.Venus lord of 10th, in his own house, Venus
mahadasha is on. Why then Venus dasha gave harmful results? For Leo ascendant the Taurus sign in 10th house
contains three stars namely Krithika, Rohini, and Mrigasira. In the case of native Venus was in Rohini star, ruled by
12th lord moon. Moon is lord of 12th house to Leo ascendant. Unless moon occupies favorable houses 2-10-11 or in
the stars of lords of 2-10-11, Moon will compel Venus to give the results of the 12th house, only to result in total
destruction. The obvious conclusion is that the sign occupied by a planet is insignificant in assessing the role of a
planet. Similarly, the benefic, and malefic nature of the constellation (Nakshatra) held by a planet is not so
significant, as the favorable or unfavorable nature of the houses occupied, and ruled by the constellation
(Nakshatra) and sub lords. You will meet astrologers who will tell you that Ketu, Saturn and Rahu's nakshatras are
bad, and Venus, Jupiter, Moon's nakshatras are excellent, which is not true. The correct application of Nakshatras
while making predictions is very challenging in Vedic Astrology.For leo lagna Venus in the 10th house in his own
house, to foretell that Venus will give a very favorable profession with very good profits, whereby the Native will
lead a prosperous life was not at all an intelligent approach to the predictive astrology is hereby well explained.
Hindus classify and call a planet to be good or bad according to its lordship of a sign counted from the sign where
ascendant falls. Westerners judge a planet whether it is favorable or unfavorable according to the nature of the
aspect the planet receives and according to its situation. But I do not attach importance to the name of the planet or
its position etc. I give importance to the 27 constellations (Nakshatras) in the zodiac and to the subdivisions, as
these are capable of thoroughly changing a benefic (according to Hindus and Westerners) to a malefic (which is
actually experienced and confirmed by the native) or changing a malefic (according to Hindus and Westerners) to a
benefic (which agrees with the results enjoyed).

According to Traditional Vedic Astrologers, one becomes rich or poor depending on the various Rajayogas and
Avayyogas propounded by them. In practice it is not at all true in all cases. For example Hindus declare that one
born with Gajakesari yoga or Lakshmi yoga will be popular, prosperous and rich. You many find this combination in
the astrology charts of few rich people, but majority of the people suffer from penury difficulties and lead an obscure
life. These rajayogas are pleasant combinations for a few Traditional Astrologers to encourage the client by giving
false hopes of success and happiness in future. A homeless person also has Gajakesari yoga and Lakshmi yoga. But
they lost everything in life, could not go to school. Existence of Rajyoga in a horoscope is not a guarantee that one
will enjoy one’s life. Many of our conventional pundits attempt to read these so called Rajayogas as they desire.
There is complete freewill to interpret the rule anyway, at least they think so. One may quote if lord of 6 or 8 or 12
is in 12, then it is a Vipreetha Rajyoga. If a similar chart of a person is produced and it is shown that all the
ingredients mentioned for Vipreetha Rajyoga are applicable but nothing had happened, he has to beat around the
bush. A person born in Sagittarius had moon (8th lord) and sun (9th lord) in 12th house, 3 degrees apart. Moon was
in Venus sub, and Sun was in Mars sub. The native was struggling to make money during Sun period and made
fortune in debilitated Moon’s mahadasa, How? When both Sun and Moon are in the 12th house in same sign, same
nakshatra Anuradha ruled by 2nd and 3rd lord Saturn. The reason is Sun was in the 5th and 12th lord Mars sub
caused him to loose money in speculation. Whereas 8th lord debilitated Moon in the sub of 6th and 11th lord Venus
made him earn fortune during Moon Mahadasa. This makes the astrologers who follow the traditional system more
confused. They hesitate to admit the fact openly. There are people rolling in wealth, holding responsible positions
without any yoga. I met a very successful business man. He makes millions of dollars. In his horoscope there are 3
debilitated planets and no Rajayoga. When I came out of his office, his assistant showed me his birth chart. Four
planets were found in yogas. Look at his fate? He asked me to recommend to the business man for a petty salary
raise. There are astrologers who claim that 1, 5, 9 (which are said to be Kona houses) will indicate good results. But
again they are wrong. For example, for Cancer ascendants the 5th and 9th house signs have constellations
(nakshatras) that are ruled by the lord of 6 or 8 or 12. So planets in these constellations in the 5th or 9th house give
terrible results to the native with cancer ascendants. But they are fortunate during the period of the planets in the
constellation of Mars even though the houses may be 3 or 8 or 12. So, planets posited in houses 6, 8, 12 do not
always produce evil results. So it can be openly said that all the nine planets cause good and bad events, irrespective
of their nature and disposition. This makes the astrologers who follow the traditional Vedic Astrology System more
confused. They hesitate to admit the fact openly. Further there are countless rules and yogas, of which one able
astrologer can have in memory only a few to please the clients.

Most of the time incorrect birth times are recorded. The birth time noted when the child is separated from the
mother, is also not correct. That is the cosmic rays through planets reaching earth is only through Oxygen and it is
this Oxygen that reaches the lungs of the child. Immediately the heart vibrates, to make the first cry of the child.
From this very moment the dasa bhukti starts to act. This birth time should be noted and there is no need to wait till
the full child is separated from the mother. As explained if the birth times are noted, our calculations to fix the lagna
will be very correct.

You might have come across many astrologers who scare their client by saying that they have Kalasarpa yoga in
their chart and that is why all the bad things are happening to them.  Rahu and Ketu give their results as follows:
1. Rahu and Ketu indicate the results of the planet with which they are conjoined.
2. If no planets is in conjunction with them then they bestow the results of the planets aspecting them.
3. If Rahu and Ketu is neither conjoined with, nor aspected by any planet, it offers the results of the lord of the
constellation in which it is deposited.
4. Lastly the results of the sign of the lord.
If the lord of the constellation or the planets conjoined with, or aspecting it be a benefic, one can expect
advantageous results. If the lord of the constellation or the planets conjoined with or aspecting it be a malefic, only
undesirable results will be experienced. The correct interpretation of Rahu and Ketu is very challenging in Vedic
Astrology. Most vedic astrologers I came across are unable to correctly interpret the results offered by rahu and ketu
and planets in rahu and ketu's nakshatras. They satisfy their clients by saying they have kalasarpa yoga, hence are
going through difficult time.

Why the prediction went wrong. The astrologer still tried to justify his predictions by talking about vipreet raj yoga,
combustion, nechabhanga rajyoga, badhaka planet or sadhi sati, or ashthama. Many of you must be wondering that I
was in Saturn mahadasha, and Saturn was transiting 11th house from natal moon. My astrologer predicted excellent
things but nothing happened. But another person might be going through Sadh Sati and gets elected as the leader of
a country. Some of you might have experienced jupiter’s transit in 3rd from natal moon which is considered not
good. But the person got married or got a promotion. You can all look back and see how many times it happened in
your lives and you wasted tons of money doing remedies and still there is no change in your life. You felt frustrated
and helpless and wondered if there is anyone who really can answer my questions. Well, now you are at the right
place to get answers to all your questions.