Gurmeet Singh
Vedic Astrology
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Top Twelve Accurate Predictions
by Mr. Singh
Mr Singh is known for making bold predictions
on internet. The following are top ten accurate
predictions made by Mr. Singh on internet.
These predictions were given well in advance
before the major event occurred in the
person's life.
Donald Trump and Politics. Learn more
-   US and China Tension in 2015.  Learn more
-   Oscar Pistorius sentenced. Learn more
-   Second Iraq / Syria War.  Learn more
-   President Obama Victory in 2012. Learn more
-   Governor Romney Loss in 2012. Learn more
-   Jayalalitha Bail Denied then Granted.  Learn more
-   Timing of Steve Jobs. Death  Learn more
-   ObamaCare Predictions.  Learn more
-   Sandra Bullock Divorce.  Learn more
-   Timing of BP Oil Spill Control.  Learn more
-   Joran Vander Sloot Arrest.  Learn more

Planetary Transits for 2015  Learn
New Book on  Relationship
Compatibility Astrology for Love,
Intimacy & Business by Mr. Singh
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