Bill Cosby Astrology

Bill Cosby Astrology
As you know, Bill Cosby is facing serious allegations of sexual misconduct. So far at least 27 women have accused
Cosby of raping and / or sexually assaulting them. Cosby declined to address the allegations in several interviews.
None of these accusations has been tested in court, and Cosby has repeatedly declined to discuss the claims. Initially I
was hesitant to make any comments about the Bill Cosby Astrology Chart as the birth time is not from the birth
certificate, but from memory. But I was overwhelmed with requests to analyze Bill Cosby’s astrology chart and share
my thoughts on the current sexual misconduct allegations.

First I decided to check the accuracy of the birth time using the past important events in Cosby’s life. I have rectified
the birth time to 12:26 AM on July 12th 1937 in Philadelphia Pa. Bill Cosby is a Pisces ascendant, with ascendant
degree at 25 degrees 41 minutes. Jupiter is the lord of the ascendant.  I use Placidus house system. So the house cusps
are slightly different from the Traditional Vedic Astrology. The house cusps details are mentioned below for your

House              Cusp                                Middle                                         End                                 Planets in it
1st                   25 Pi 41' 04.58"               13 Ar 37' 41.29"                         1 Ta 34' 18.00"                  As
2nd                  1 Ta 34' 18.00"                13 Ta 47' 24.37"                        26 Ta 00' 30.75"                 Ve, Ke
3rd                   26 Ta 00' 30.75"              6 Ge 36' 38.68"                         17 Ge 12' 46.61"
4th                   17 Ge 12' 46.61"             28 Ge 38' 03.35"                       10 Cn 03' 20.09"                  Su, Me
5th                   10 Cn 03' 20.09"             25 Cn 10' 49.84"                        10 Le 18' 19.60"
6th                   10 Le 18' 19.60"              2 Vi 59' 42.09"                           25 Vi 41' 04.58"                  Mo

7th                   25 Vi 41' 04.58"               13 Li 37' 41.29"                        1 Sc 34' 18.00"                     Ma
8th                   1 Sc 34' 18.00"                 13 Sc 47' 24.37"                       26 Sc 00' 30.75"                    Ra
9th                   26 Sc 00' 30.75"               6 Sg 36' 38.68"                         17 Sg 12' 46.61"
10th                 17 Sg 12' 46.61"               28 Sg 38' 03.35"                       10 Cp 03' 20.09"                    Ju
11th                 10 Cp 03' 20.09"              25 Cp 10' 49.84"                      10 Aq 18' 19.60"
12th                 10 Aq 18' 19.60"              2 Pi 59' 42.09"                         25 Pi 41' 04.58"                     As, Sa

Venus rules the 2nd house of money and 3rd house of change & publishing books. Venus is in 2nd house in Taurus
sign at 11 degrees 32 minutes in the Rohini nakshatra ruled by 5th house lord Moon (Entertainment Business and
Love affairs), and moon is in 6th house (problems with women).  The 5th house lord Moon (Entertainment Business
& Love Affairs) is in 6th house in the P Phalguni nakshatra ruled by 2nd and 3rd lord Venus. Moon and Venus are
very closely connected auspicious planets in the astrology chart, and they connect the house of money with the house
of entertainment and love affairs. Venus is in conjunction with Ketu in Rohini nakshatra ruled by 5th house lord
Moon in 2nd house in Taurus sign and Venus aspects Rahu in Scorpio in the 8th house.  So Rahu, Ketu, Venus, and
Moon have strong connections with the 5th house of entertainment business, love affairs, 2nd house of money and 3rd
house of change and publishing books. So if we study Bill Cosby’s past, we find that he received national exposure on
the NBC’s The Tonight Show in the summer of 1963 in Moon mahadasha Venus Bhuki (Dec 1962 to August 1964).
Bill Cosby was in Rahu / Venus, Rahu / Sun and Rahu / Moon periods from 1984 to 1989, when The Cosby Show
was the number one show in America for 5 years. Bill Cosby was in Jupiter / Ketu, Jupiter / Venus period from 1997
to 2000 when Cosby starred in the sitcom Cosby from 1997 to 2000, and hosted Kids Say the Darndest Things for
two seasons from 1998 to 2000.

Venus has a auspicious relationship with 5th lord Moon, Ketu and Rahu as mentioned above gave excellent results to
Cosby during Moon and Rahu mahadashas.. But if we analyze Venus carefully, then we find that natal Venus in Cosby’
s astrology chart is also aspected by the 12th house lord Saturn from its position in Pisces by its 3rd aspect.  The
relationship between 12th house lord Saturn (loss) and 2nd house lord Venus (Money) is a malefic one as 12th lord
Saturn aspects 2nd lord Venus in the natal chart.    This malefic relationship between Saturn and Venus is playing out
in Cosby’s life at this moment during Saturn mahadasha Venus Bhukti  (Nov 2012 to Jan 2016), when the sexual
misconduct allegations have re-surfaced in his life, and he is in deep trouble. Saturn entered Scorpio sign on Nov 4th
2014, and soon after this date, series of bad events happened in Cosby’s life as Saturn transited the 8th house cusp at
1 degrees 34 minutes in Scorpio sign in Nov and Dec 2014 and aspected the 2nd house cusp at 1 degrees 34 minutes
in Taurus sign. On Nov 17, 2014 Netflix postponed a Cosby stand-up comedy special after accusations surfaced that
the comedian had sexually assaulted Janice Dickinson in 1982. On Nov 19th, 2014, NBC scrapped Cosby’s new show
after accusations that he sexually assaulted women resurfaced. On the same day, TV Land announced that it was
pulling reruns of The Cosby Show from its schedule and also removed clips of the show from its website. On Dec 1st,
2014, Cosby resigned from Temple University’s board of trustees following pressure to do so, which included a petition with about 1000 signatures. On Dec 3rd, 2014, Judy Huth filed a lawsuit against Cosby in Los
Angeles Superior Court, alleging that Cosby sexually assaulted her in 1974 at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15
years old. Cosby's 2011 honorary Chief Petty Officer award from the United States Navy was revoked on December 4,
2014 because of the sexual assault allegations against him. On December 11, 2014, Vanity Fair ran an article written
by model Beverly Johnson, wherein she states that Cosby drugged her during an audition in 1986.

Saturn’s transit through Scorpio sign during Saturn mahadasha may be a very difficult transit until Jan 2017, for Bill
Cosby. Saturn during this time from its position in Scorpio sign is going to aspect the 2nd house lord and Bhukti lord
Venus’s natal position in Taurus sign, and natal Moon in Leo sign by its 10th aspect  Saturn being the 12th house lord
may cause loss of money through lawsuits, and other legal investigations. In 2016 during Saturn mahadasha Sun
Bhukti Cosby may have health problems.  In nutshell the Saturn mahadasha will be problematic for Bill Cosby because
Saturn being 12th house lord is a malefic planet for Bill Cosby. There is no doubt Bill Cosby has a difficult road ahead.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
December 13, 2014
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