Gem Stones Astrology

It is within our knowledge that electrical and magnetic radiations are ceaselessly circulating in the universe and
affect humans, animals or planets for good or ill. Ages ago, our ancients pondered the problem of combating the evil
effects of subtle cosmic influences and discovered that precious stones and metals emit an astral light which is
powerfully counteractive to the negative pulls of the planets. They have transmitted to us the belief that precious
stones of the required weight when worn next to the skin are fully productive. A gem or an amulet corresponding to
a planet we are told infuses vibrations of that planet’s nature into our auras all the while we are wearing it. Thus
There is no consensus of opinion among the astrologers as to the basis on which the selection of the stone should
be made. Some astrologers are of the opinion that the selection should be based on the Ascendant, its ruler, and the
planet occupying the ascendant or aspecting it strongly. Another school of thought is that the stone corresponding
to the planet which is elevated in the chart should be picked up. A few authorities suggest the selection of a stone
belonging to the planet that is weak and afflicted in the horoscope. They believe that by appeasing the planet in this
way, the evil effects of that planet can be counteracted. I know of a case of a Business man, who was advised to
wear (Neelam) by a traditional style astrologer; the gentleman used Blue Sapphire Alas! Misfortune came in a train,
and he suffered extreme financial loss. Blue Sapphire; which was to have come to his rescue, proved detrimental in
every way. A student of technology, who had Rahu in his 5th house, was told to put Gomed; before his
examination, but failed to secure even pass marks. Of what utility is such an advice based on half baked
knowledge? The practice of prescribing stones governed by the planet, which portrays evil to a native according to
their birth chart is like asking a person whose house has caught fire to pour inflammable material into the fire.
Suppose Venus is the afflicting planet, and caused diabetes. Venus governs sweets. Would it be wise to ask the
person to take plenty of sweets? If moon is evil and threatens drowning according to a certain person’s chart, how
can the use of Pearl help the person to avoid the accident? A stone should be prescribed to a native for a particular
planet only when a planet is benefic to that person by lordship and occupation by nakshatra at birth. Suppose for
Capricorn ascendant of Saturn rules ascendant and 2nd house and is placed in Venus’s nakshatra, lord of 5th and
10th house, the wearing of Saturn’s Blue Sapphire would prove to be extremely beneficial. If on the other hand,
Saturn occupies the 8th house in Leo in Sun’s nakshatra, the use of Saturn’s stone would be very harmful. In the
case of a person born in Leo lagna with sun lord of lagna and mercury lord of 2 and 11 placed favorably say even in
the 6th house in Capricorn in sun’s nakshatra, the person would be well advised to go in for an emerald-set gold
ring. The KP System lay down that houses 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, and 11 are most auspicious in any horoscope from the
viewpoint of material gains and success. The use of precious stones governed by planets that strongly signify these
houses is sure to promote material prosperity. The use of stones coming under the lordship of planets that strongly
signify houses 6, 8, or 12 should not be thought of. It is necessary to remember that the use of gem stone should
preferably be commenced at a time when the nakshatra belonging to the planet whose stone has been selected is
transited by the moon by ephemeral transits.