Gurmeet Singh Testimonials I


Thank you for the detailed reading. I am very excited you are writing.The first Vedic astrologer i ever met was
back in 1989.His name was James Braha. He wrote some beginners books on transits and joytish charts.
His delineations of my mahadasha at that time were generalized but helpful to me to understand the major period i
was going through.And his books gave me general knowledge. James lived in Iowa and was a devotee of Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi.I also took a two week intensive course given by Maharishi's school also in 1991.But again i was only
looking for deeper understanding of my purpose in life and my spiritual path.
But i never really looked to Joytish for predictions.I had no faith in that until your readings all played out exactly as
you read them.The emphasis on the nakshaktra's for finer understanding is a revelation.I cannot remember how i
found you.  Internet i suppose but it was my good fortune to do so.I am sure your books will illuminate the science
for many professional astrologers as well as the novices like me. If you plan your next trip to Houston I will arrange
for you to do some readings.I have a few friends that would benefit from your talents right now.
I hope you have a wonderful holidays.


Earlier I had two readings with you, one on 14th of December, 2010 and another on 27th of January, 2011
regarding my relationship compatibility. Whatever you predicted came out to be true. You mentioned during both
of my readings that I might be heading up for a permanent break up with that person and that happened. And now
I feel it was good for me. You also predicted that I might find someone at the end of summer, 2011 and to my
utter surprise, I did meet someone during that time. Things look fine with this person but again there is a bit of
complication. Because whatever you told me so far, turned out to be true and you were very pleasant to talk with,
I would like to get another compatibility reading done with this person to make sure he is the right guy for me.As
you already have my reading done, I was wondering how much I need to pay for this reading. Please let me know
and I'll send you our birth details.I really appreciate you help in this regard and eagerly look forward to hear from


Thank you so much for explaining everything to me. As i was listening to the recording today you have pin pointed
everything that is in front of me right now. I never had anybody give me this kind of reading and I really believe in
you from my heart. I will keep in touch with you and god bless you for all your knowledge that you have and you
alert people for the happening of their lives. My biggest fear right now is my parents health and i know god is there
too and i will keep myself strong too.


Thank you for a very honest reading. So many just tell you what they think you want to hear. I am definitely going
to highly recommend Vedic Astrology in my work/book, so expect readings to go up substantially after July next
year! And to be my astrologer for a very long time.


Thanks a lot for your detailed reading yesterday. I've talked to a couple of other astrologers earlier but none of
them felt so comforting to me as you did and I had to let you know that. I will make my sincere effort to follow
your advice to make my life better. It is difficult but I'll try my best.I would love to keep in touch with you. It was
really nice talking to you yesterday. But my financial situation might not permit me to contact you as often as I
would like to. However, I will look forward to talk to you again in future.


I have visited your site and found it very interesting. In fact very very interesting. The way you explain things
about kp system using nakshatra's and also about saturn. I am running saturn mahadasa now. Sir, i have gone to
many astrologers and like you have mentioned don’t have the knowledge required. I would love to consult you. I
will get in touch with you once i am able to pay your fees. The reason i am mailing you now is to tell you that after
so many years i have found someone very honest. Sir, half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge. I wish
some astrologers realize that. All the very best to you Mr Gurmeet Singh. Sir, i am giving you my details so when i
can send the fees, you could do a reading for me.


Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to provide feedback based on our conversation in late-July. I am starting a
new job tomorrow at a startup.


I write to thank you for your correct analysis a couple of years back about the nakshatra lord theory. In past year as
pointed out by you my business has done well (by which I have come into good money) and I am looking forward
to further greater expansion in Europe also. Everyone was saying Jupiter is bad, but your theory about Jupiter in
mercury’s nakshartra and with mercury in 2nd house will give mercury result seems to be correct.


Hope you're well and still remember me! Just wanted to see latest planetary positions. As you know I now have
entered Jupiter-Mars sub period. You were right on a few predictions when I had my first reading with you in April.
If you remember, I was out of work then. You said to try to find work by May 20th, and guess what? I had job on
may 10th!You also said I will go through bad time september-october due to Saturn aspect, and yes I was very ill
for 6 weeks from August- september. It was nice talking to you and I very much appreciate your clarifications and
time. I am very much convinced with your explanations.I will keep your details and follow it accordingly, any
problems I will be in touch.


I just re-listened to the mp3 of your analysis. It was excellent and very, very technical.thanks, Gurmee God Bless


Hope this message finds you well. I seeked some astrological consultation from you last year. You would be happy
to know that your predictions about my career were quite accurate. Though I found a job in October last year
however I do not like it very much. You mentioned that May 2011 will be a really good time for my career and I
have come across a great opportunity. The process has just begun and I am wondering if it will work out or not. I
would appreciate if you could take another look at my horoscope and respond to this inquiry.


Good evening Mr. Singh Hope this message finds you well. I hope you still remember me as I had couple of
readings from you in the past. I must say you are very good at what you do. I am running in Saturn Mahadasha and
Sade Sati at the same time and in spite of four job interviews I have not landed on any job yet. Is it possible for
you to give me another reading of 30 min. ? Please let me know.
Thank you


Wish you a very happy birthday. I hope I didn't make a mistake (thought your birthday is today Feb 3). Correct?.I
listened once again to the detailed reading you did for my chart and have been reading about Rahu/ Ketu. I am
almost convinced that most of the (so called) good astrologers don't know how to predict Rahu/ Ketu's results and
don't know how to apply nakshatras in a given astrology chart. This divine science needs analytical & logical
thinking, own research and testing the rules before it becomes a norm.I recently came across some of the blogs
where you had posted questions or answers. The quesions you had asked back in say 2002/2003 time frame versus
the answers that you are providing 2010 onwards, indicated that your perspective of reading an astrology chart is
quite matured now (more enlightened).Once again, Happy birthday.


Hi Mr. Gurmeet Singh
I'm looking for some people with higher knowledge. I read your article about Steve Jobs and was amazed! I wish
you could help me with a question that I have. I hope I hear from you.