Orlando Shooter Astrology

Case Study : Violent and Criminal Tendencies in Omar Mateen's Astrology Chart

Omar Mateen born November 16, 1986 at 2.26PM, New York City, NY, was an American mass murderer and
domestic Islamic terrorist, who was of Afghan descent. He killed 49 people and wounded 53 others in a mass shooting
at the Pulse gay bar in Orlando Florida, before being killed in a shootout with the Police. I have calculated the birth
time of the Orlando Shooter using KP System Astrology and the important events / dates when those events occurred
in the Orlando Shooter’s life.
Violent and Criminal Behaviors are unacceptable in any kind of relationship, love or business. Here we will use the
Orlando Shooter’s astrology chart to understand the personality, nature, character, and temperament of a violent and
criminal individual. In Western Astrology the violent and criminal behaviors are judged from the zodiac sign of the
individual, which seldom works correctly.  I don’t know how you could say that one sign is more aligned to criminality
than other. Hitler was born in Aries sign, does not mean everyone born in Aries sign is like Hitler. Billions of people
around the world are born in a particular month and they could all relate to a particular zodiac sign, could be
completely different in their personality, nature and habits.
In my opinion, it is not the Zodiac sign of the individual, but the ascendant lord, ascendant nakshatra lord, Moon sign
lord, and the moon nakshatra lord, and the position of aggressive planet Mars in the astrology chart of the individual
that tells a lot about the character of the person, whether, the person has violent and criminal tendencies or is a thief
or a business person or a spiritual person. When the ascendant lord or Moon in an astrology chart is connected with
the Badhaka house, 8th house & 12th house through constellations (nakshatras), aspects, conjunctions, and is placed
in that part of the zodiac ruled by planets which are significators of Badhaka House, 8th house and 12th house, the
person will be a violent person, a criminal, a thief, or a killer, and will be very controlling by nature, short tempered,
always want things done their way. This person will not be fair to other people in their dealings. The 7th house in the
astrology chart is equally important, because the 7th house represents people around you including your potential
partner, competitors, enemies etc. If the 7th house lord in your astrology chart is connected with the Badhaka house,
6th house, 8th hours and 12th house through constellations (nakshatras), aspects, conjunctions, and is placed in that
part of the zodiac ruled by planets which are significators of Badhaka House, 6th house, 8th house and 12th house,
can also result in fights, arguments, and violent behavior in a relationship. The position of violent and aggressive
planet Mars in certain houses such as 2nd house, 6th house, 8th house, and 12th house can also result in violence in a
relationship. The interpretation of dashas / bhuktis and transits can help one pin point the timing of such acts. When I
see such tendencies in my client’s astrology chart, I always warn them of eminent danger. One should never rely on
such person, and should use extreme caution in having any kind of relationship or friendship with such person.
                   According to Vedic Astrology Orlando Shooter is a Pisces ascendant ruled by Jupiter, with ascendant
degree at 11 degrees 44 minutes in Pisces sign. Since the Orlando Shooter was a Pisces ascendant, so the 7th house of
relationships is a Badhaka and Marakka house in his astrology chart. The Ascendant lord Jupiter is in 12th house of
loss, in Satabhisha nakshatra ruled by Rahu. Rahu is in Ascendant sign Pisces ruled by Jupiter in the 12th house, and
in Revati nakshatra ruled Badhaka lord Mercury, and Mercury is in 8th house in conjunction with the 8th house lord
Venus. This clearly indicates violent and criminal behavior as the ascendant Lord Jupiter is strongly connected with
Badhaka and Marakka house, 8th house and 12th house in the Orlando Shooter’s astrology chart. Jupiter, Rahu and
Mercury are the three killer planets in the Orlando Shooter’s astrology chart. If we pay attention to the mahadasha,
Bhukti and Anthara at the time of this horrible shooting incident, we find that the Orlando Shooter was in Rahu
mahadasha, Mercury Bhukti and Jupiter Anthara.

Body                 Longitude                Nakshatra

Lagna                11 Pi 44'                  UBha     
Sun                    0 Sc 34'                   Visa    
Moon                 3 Ta 54'                  Krit     
Mars                  0 Aq 12'                  Dhan    
Mercury             22 Li 27'                 Visa     
Jupiter               19 Aq 30'                Sata      
Venus                13 Li 06'                 Swat      
Saturn                16 Sc 32'                Anu       
Rahu                  25 Pi 18'                 Reva     
Ketu                  25 Vi 18'                 Chit     

House        Cusp                Middle                   End                        Planets in it

1st             11 Pi 44'           1 Ar 45' 06’        21 Ar 45'                   As, Ra
2nd            21 Ar 45'          4 Ta 48'              17 Ta 51'                   Mo
3rd             17 Ta 51'         28 Ta 33'             9 Ge 14'
4th             9 Ge 14'           20 Ge 08'            1 Cn 03'
5th             1 Cn 03'           14 Cn 57'            28 Cn 50'
6th             28 Cn 50'         20 Le 17'             11 Vi 44'
7th             11 Vi 44'          1 Li 45'                21 Li 45'                    Ve, Ke
8th             21 Li 45'          4 Sc 48'                17 Sc 51'                    Su, Me, Sa
9th             17 Sc 51'          28 Sc 33'              9 Sg 14'
10th           9 Sg 14'            20 Sg 08'              1 Cp 03'
11th           1 Cp 03'           14 Cp 57'              28 Cp 50'
12th           28 Cp 50'        20 Aq 17'               11 Pi 44'                    Ma, Ju

Vimsottari Dasa:
Maha Dasas:

Sun:  1983-08-13  -  1989-08-13
Moon:  1989-08-13  -  1999-08-13
Mars:  1999-08-13  -  2006-08-13
Rah:  2006-08-13  -  2024-08-13
     Antardasas in this MD:
     Rah:  2006-08-13  -  2009-04-22
     Jup:  2009-04-22  -  2011-09-20
     Sat:  2011-09-20  -  2014-07-25
 Merc:  2014-07-25  -  2017-02-09
           Jup:  2016-05-13  -  2016-09-18  (VIOLENT DEATH)
     Ket:  2017-02-09  -  2018-02-27
     Ven:  2018-02-27  -  2021-02-27
     Sun:  2021-02-27  -  2022-01-23
     Moon:  2022-01-23  -  2023-07-26
     Mars:  2023-07-26  -  2024-08-13
Jup:  2024-08-13  -  2040-08-13
Sat:  2040-08-13  -  2059-08-14
Merc:  2059-08-14  -  2076-08-13
Ket:  2076-08-13  -  2083-08-14
Ven:  2083-08-14  -  2103-08-15

Gurmeet Singh
June 16, 2016

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