Salman Khan Astrology

Salman Khan Astrology Chart Analysis
Salman Khan born on December 27th, 1965 at 2:27PM Indore India is an Indian actor, producer, television presenter,
and philanthropist. Khan has been the subject of several controversies, including certain legal troubles. Salman Khan
is an Aries ascendant with ascendant degree at 21 degrees 59 minutes in Aries sign ruled by Mars. The ascendant lord
Mars is exalted in 10th house of career, in Capricorn sign. Mars is in the Uttarashadha nakshatra ruled by the 5th house
(entertainment, sports) lord Sun, has given him excellent physique and entertainment star status.
For Aries ascendant, Saturn the lord of 10th and 11th house is a Badhaka planet. Saturn is a very evil planet for Aries
ascendant. But in Salman’s case the evil Saturn is sitting in 11th house a Badhaka house but in excellent Shatabhisha
nakshatra ruled by auspicious Rahu. I consider Rahu as the most auspicious planet for Salman because Rahu
represents two best planets for Aries ascendant Venus and Sun. Rahu in Taurus sign represents 2nd (money) and 7th
(business, relationships) lord Venus, and Rahu in Krittika nakshatra ruled by 5th house lord Sun, will deliver
auspicious results of Sun. The best periods in Saturn mahadasha were Saturn / Venus period (June 2009 to August
2012) and Saturn / Sun period (August 2012 to July 2013).  These were the best periods professionally. During these
periods in 2011, he won the Screen Award for Best Actor for his performance in Dabangg, and in 2013, he won the
Best Actor Popular Choice for his performances in Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2. In my opinion these were good
periods for marriage as well. He should have gotten married during these periods.
But Saturn a Badhaka planet, is supposed to give some malefic results to Salman as well. Saturn mahadasha started in
August 2002, and soon after that in Sept 2002 Salman was arrested for rash and negligent driving. His relationship
with actress Aishwarya Rai ended just before the Saturn mahadasha started. Saturn for the past two years is transiting
his 7th house in Libra sign. Last year both Rahu and Saturn, two malefic, were transiting Salman Khan’s 7th house,
when he was formally charged with culpable homicide on July 24th, 2013 in the case, to which he pleaded not guilty.  
Around same time Salman khan entered Saturn / Moon period (July 2013 to Feb 2015). Moon is in Dhanishta
nakshatra ruled by 1st and 8th house Mars. Moon is very tightly aspected by the 12th lord Jupiter from Gemini sign.
Moon has a strong connection with the 8th house (court matters), 12th house (confinement) and Saturn the Badhaka
planet, that is why Saturn /Moon period is giving evil results to Salman Khan. Saturn is retrograde right now and on
July 20th Saturn will become stationary direct at 22 degrees in Libra sign, very close to Salman Khan’s 7th house cusp
at 21 degrees and 59 minutes, and at same time there is Mars & Rahu conjunction as well.  The coming months June,
July and August 2014 are very sensitive months for Salman Khan when this trial is going on. Rahu will leave Libra sign
on July 15th, and Saturn leaves Libra sign on November 2nd this year. Technically the time until November 2nd is
extremely sensitive for Salman Khan, and the evil Moon bhukti will get over on Feb 22nd, 2015.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
May 22nd, 2014

Saturn / Mars period (Feb 2015 to April 2016) will bring Salman some relief between Feb 2015 and July 2015 as
transit Jupiter from Cancer sign will aspect the transit position of the mahadasha lord Saturn in Scorpio and the natal
position of the ascendant and the bhukti  lord Mars in Capricorn. Mars bhukti is supposed to give good results. But
after July 2015, Jupiter moves into Leo, and the transit Saturn from Scorpio will be powerfully aspecting the natal
positon of Mars in Capricorn, will again take away the benefic results of Mars bhukti, and will give him problems.  
Saturn’s transit through Scorpio between July 2015 and Jan 2017 will continue to give problems to Salman Khan
during Saturn / Mar and Saturn /Rahu periods as transit Saturn from Scorpio will aspect the natal position of Mars,
Venus and Rahu in his astrology chart. Salman’s hit and run trial case is going on for the past. 10 years, the outcome
will depend upon when the court will make a decision. The timing is very important, will finally decide Salman Khan’s
fate in this case.

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
May 23rd, 2014

I have received numerous requests from people close to Salman Khan and his fans to provide my update on
his verdict that is due on May 6th in the hit and run trial case. The transit of Badhaka  and Mahadasha lord
Saturn in his 8th house in Scorpio sign is very evil for Salman Khan. In my opinion the years 2015 and 2016
will be very difficult and challenging for Salman Khan. 2016 will be more difficult for Salman Khan and
especially for his father. Salman Khan can expect some relief after Saturn enters Sagittarius in Jan 2017.  

Gurmeet Singh Astrologer
April 21st, 2015
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